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Can I import and then upload to a different system?

Yes - use Import for this.

  1. Start the System Administrator.
  2. Click System -> Connect or the icon to connect to the DSX system.
  3. Wait a few seconds for essential system data to download to your PC.
  4. Click System -> Retrieve to download the entire site database to your PC
    • The entire connected system's database will download to your PC in about 90 seconds (USB or Ethernet).
  5. Click File -> Import or the icon.
  6. Select the database from which you want to import data.
  7. In the Choose Programs to Import pop-up, select the programs you want to import into the currently loaded database.
    • For example, to import all Feature Key assignments select Stations -> Config -> Assignment (2121) and click OK.
    • When the import is complete, the pop-up will automatically close.
  8. Click File -> Save or Save As to store the open database.

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