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  Using the System Update Utility
Before Starting the System Update Utility

The System Update Utility is a feature built into the System Administrator that lets you update your DSX system software. This utility is an alternative to using a CompactFlash card to update system software.

Before using the System Update Utility:

  1. Make sure you have the following installed:
    • The latest version of the DSX System Administrator.
    • DSX System Software 01.01.27 or higher.
  2. Download the DSX System Software file to which you want to update.
    • To get the latest System software, go to the DSX Download Center at left and click System Software.
    • Download the system software zip file to a convenient folder on your PC hard disk.
    • Do not unzip the software file.
  3. Connect your PC to the telephone system (USB only).
    • To learn how to connect your PC to the telephone system, click here.
  4. Start the DSX System Administrator normally.
  5. Click System: Connect and connect over USB.
Using the System Update Utility
  1. Make sure you have a backup copy of all your system programming.
  2. Click Utilities: System Update.
  3. (Optional) If you have not downloaded all data, you see:
  4. (Optional) Click Yes to close without saving.You see:
  5. In Specify DSX Software File, click the browse button (...) and load the System Software zip file you previously downloaded.
  6. Click Start.
    • If the admin program is not already connected, you will be prompted for your password.
  7. After you click Start, the three phases of the update process automatically execute.
    • Phase 1: System Reset
      The DSX resets and restarts in the update mode. The system is inoperable while in the update mode.
    • Phase 2: File Transfer (Upload)
      The System Update Utility transfers (uploads) the zip file from your PC to the system.
    • Phase 3: System Update
      The system updates its software. After the update completes, the system resets and operates normally with the new software version.
  8. After the system software update completes (about 8 minutes), the T1/PRI PCB may automatically load updated firmware (which takes an additional 6 minutes). The LEDs on the T1/PRI PCB alternately flash during the firmware upload.

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