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About the IntraMail Utility

The IntraMail Utility allows you to use the System Administrator to back up IntraMail messages to your PC hard drive. Once backed up, you can also use this utility to restore the saved messages. Prior to backup, you can:

  • Choose which media to back up.
  • Select the mailboxes for which messages should be saved.
  • Select the types of messages to back up (outgoing or incoming).

Additionally, the utility allows you to import custom-recorded wav files for use to use for your outgoing messages (e.g., Greetings, Instruction Menus, etc.). For more on the IntraMail Import Utility, click here.

Before using the IntraMail Utility, make sure you have the following installed:

  • The latest version of the DSX System Administrator.
  • DSX System Software 2.14 or higher.
The Backup and Restore Options

Following is an explanation of the backup options.

Media Selection

This designates the media to be backed up.

    • IntraMail Card (use when IntraMail is installed).
    • Built-In (Internal) Automated Attendant (if IntraMail is not installed).

Mailbox Selection

You can select all extensions of a specific type or just a single mailbox.

    • All Mailboxes (all mailboxes regardless of type).
    • Extension Mailboxes (Subscriber Mailboxes for extensions, both personal and group).
    • Group Mailboxes (mailboxes assigned to UCD and Ring Groups).
    • Routing Mailboxes (all types)
    • System Mailboxes (Mailbox Announcement Messages and Message On Hold)

Message Selection

This selects the category of messages to be backed up.

    1. Outgoing Messages (Greetings, Instruction Menu Messages, Names, etc.)
    2. Incoming Messages (Messages left in a Subscriber Mailbox).

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