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  Installing the DSX System Administrator
Downloading and Extracting the Installer

To download and extract the Installer:

  1. From your DSX System CD or the web site, under Quick Links click DSX Administrator.
  2. In the DSX System Administrator pop-up, click the Download button for the version of the administrator you want to download.
    • For Field Trial software, you will be automatically taken to the Beta Test Site Agreement and Field Trial Request pop-ups. To receive your software, you must accept the License Agreement and complete the required fields in the Field Trial Request form.
  3. When you receive the Thank You pop-up, click the Download button to download to your PC desktop.
  4. If you have WinZip installed, double-click to extract the System Administrator installer (exe) file.
Installing the Administrator Software

To Install the System Administrator software:

  1. Do not connect your PC to the DSX system.
  2. Double-click the installer (i.e. DSXSysAdminSetup_Vxx.xx.xx.exe) extracted to your desktop.
  3. Once the installation starts, give "positive" responses to each screen.
    • "Positive" responses include Next, Install, Continue Anyway, OK and Finish) .
  4. Go to Connecting Your PC to the DSX System.

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