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About the Address Book

About the Address Book

Use the Address Book to store contact and connection information for each site that you administer. You can connect to a site right from an Address Book entry. Additionally, you can export your Address Book to an Excel spreadsheet, and then import that spreadsheet back into the Address Book if you make off-line changes.

For each site, you can store:

  • A descriptive system name.
  • The system password.
  • The name, telephone, and email address of the primary contact person at the site.
  • The site's IP address and modem telephone number for remote programming.
  • The method you prefer when connecting to the site (USB, Ethernet, or modem).
  • A field for storing important notes about the site.
Using the Address Book to Administer a Site

To connect to a system from the Address Book:

  1. While the System Administrator is off-line, do one of the following:
    • Click the Address Book toolbar icon Icon.

    • On the Connect Screen, click the Address Book icon.

    • Click Edit -> Address Book.

  2. The Address Book opens.
    Address Book

  3. Select (single-click) an Address Book entry.
  4. Click the Connect button on the Address Book toolbar Connect.

  5. You connect to the system using the settings in the Address Book entry.

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