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  DSX System Software 3.47 Overview
  New Features and Enhancements


  Software Corrections
  • Auto Redial
    • Auto Redial operation has been corrected. Pressing the Auto Redial soft key while in the talk state now correctly invokes the Auto Redial feature. In previous software versions, this action would start Last Number Redial.
  • Doorbox
    • Software version 3.47 corrects the gains applied to Door Box connections. The new (correct) gains are +6 dB from station to Door Box and -9 dB from Door Box to station. Since system software version 3.42.10, these settings have been reversed.
  • Service Pack 2
    • When installing software version 3.47 from the System Administrator System Update, and you want the Temperature Display, you must install Service Pack 2 after installing system software. This is a one-time OS component upgrade that is required for DSX software versions 3.47 and up when you want the Temperature Display. Once you install Service Pack 2, it will no longer appear in the System Administrator Software Update.
    • You do not have to install Service Pack 2 if upgrading from the CompactFlash - the OS components are included. The Temperature Display feature will work without any additional software installation.
  • Temperature Display
    • The OpenStreetMap Geocoder that locates the Zip Code for the temperature display now uses HTTPS protocol. Service Pack 2 is required to correctly decode the certificate presented from this site.

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