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  DSX System Software 3.46 Overview
  New Features and Enhancements

Email Synchronization

Email Synchronization is enhanced by a new graphic design that improves the visual appearance across email clients and devices, as well as increases the readability of Message Detail and Message Status information. Additionally, Message Status is now color-coded:

  • Green background when the message has been saved.
  • Red background when the message has been deleted.
  • Yellow background for all other status messages.

The remaining aspects of Email Synchronization are unchanged for consistency and simplicity. Email Synchronization requires IntraMail Pro.

  Software Corrections
  • Central Office Calls, Placing
    • Software version 3.46 reinstates the ability to manually dial international (011) calls over Store and Forward lines (such as SIP trunks). This capability was inadvertently disabled when E911 was introduced in software version 3.45.
  • IntraMail
    • The email delivered by Email Synchronization is modified to fix some formatting problems.
    • Transferring a call to voice mail now works correctly if V-Mail is pressed during the destination extension's Handsfree setup beeps. In prior versions, transferring during the setup beeps could send the call to the wrong mailbox.
    • While listening to a voice mail message on a keyset, switching the call to a Cordless DECT DTL-8R-1 and then back to the keyset by using the buttons on the DECT base unit will operate as expected. In prior software versions, this would cause the system to reset.
  • Service Pack 1
    • When installing software version 3.46 from the System Administrator System Update, and you want the Temperature Display, you must install Service Pack 1 after installing system software. This is a one-time OS component upgrade that is required for DSX Software versions 3.46 and up when you want the Temperature Display. Once you install Service Pack 1, it will no longer appear in the System Administrator Software Update.
    • You do not have to install Service Pack 1 if upgrading from the CompactFlash - the OS components are included. The Temperature Display feature will work without any additional software installation.
  • Temperature Display
    • The Geocoder that locates the Zip Code for the temperature display now uses OpenStreetMap ( The temperature display now operates normally.
    • The temperature display on an idle keyset is now obtained using the new API required by the National Weather Service. The older National Weather Service temperature access portal used in prior software continues to be available, but will eventually be discontinued.
    • System software 3.46 now follows the HTTP 301 Redirect Response when getting weather from the National Weather Service API In earlier software versions, if a redirect occurred DSX would ignore it and not return temperature data.
  • System Administrator 3.39
    • The OpenStreetMap Attribution (Geocoding © OpenStreetMap Contributors) and License Link ( is added to the System: Config: Setup: Identification panel.
    • While programming off-line, access to the following IntraMail programs is enabled:
      • IntraMail: Routing Mailboxes: Routing Mailbox: Routing Options - All 32 Dial Action Tables
      • IntraMail: Dial Actions: Dial Action Table: Digit Assignment - Post-Dial Announcement ("A" directive) and Dialed Transfer
      • Stations: Config: IntraMail Pro: Phone/Pager Notification and Find Me Follow Me
      • Department Groups: Config: IntraMail Pro: Phone/Pager Notification and Find Me Follow Me
  • VoIP
    • Modifies DNS lookup for the non-registration SIP Trunk model to perform a NAPTR request in order to correctly resolve multiple IP’s with the same priority.

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