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  Updating the ML440 and AP20 Firmware
Downloading and Installing Pumpkin
  1. Click here to download the Pumpkin TFTP Server zip file to your PC.
  2. After the download completes, use a zip file extraction utility such as WinZip to extract the pumpkin folder to the root of your C drive. The pumpkin directory structure should be:

    BeatUs (AP20 firmware folder)
    Pegasus (ML440 firmware folder)

  3. Inside the pumpkin folder, double-click PUMPKIN.EXE to start the TFTP server.
    • To make launching easier, consider creating a shortcut to PUMPKIN.exe on your desktop.
    • When Pumpkin is running, the Pumpkin icon will appear in your system tray.
  Setting Up and Using Pumpkin

To set up the Pumpkin TFTP Server:

 1. Start Pumpkin (double-click PUMPKIN.EXE). You see:


 2. Click Options. You see:


 3. Set the Server tab options as follows:

  • TFTP filesystem root (download path): Leave blank.
  • Allow access to subdirectories: Select it.
  • Read Request Behavior:
    • Give all files allows all downloads without confirmation. This is the most convenient selection.
    • Prompt before giving file requires that you confirm each download.
    • Deny all requests turns off Pumpkin TFTP downloads.
  • Write Request Behavior settings don't affect TFTP downloads.

 4. Set the Network and Sounds tab options.

  • Normally you can ignore these options.
  Using the AP20 Firmware Update Options

In the AP20 Firmware Update screen:


  1. In Firmware Update Settings:
    • Firmware update server address is the IP address of the PC on which Pumpkin is installed.
      • The PC can be on the same LAN as the AP20 or some available network.
    • Firmware path should be blank.
    • The handset Required Version is 210.
    • The base Required Version is 213.
    • Click Save to start the ML440 handset firmware update process.
      • It will take several hours to update your handsets. They will continue to operate during the update but will be somewhat sluggish.
  2. In Update Base Stations:
    • Select Update this Base Station only or Update all Base Stations as required.
      • If you have a multi-cell installation, choose Update all Base Stations.
    • Required Version is 179.
    • Click Start Update to update the AP20 firmware.
      • The ML440 and AP20 firmware updates can run concurrently.
      • The AP20 update process takes only a few minutes.
  Verify the Firmware Update

To verify the AP20 update:

  1. Go to Home/Status:



To verify the ML440 handset update:

  1. Go to Extensions:



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