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  DSX Version 2 System Administrator Download
Review the Release Notes and User Guide
  • To find out what has been added in this new System Administrator software, click here for the Release Notes.
  • To learn how to install and use the System Administrator, click here for the on-line User Guide.
Read These Notes Prior to Updating
  • With Windows Vista, use Control Panel -> Programs and Features to uninstall any prior version of the System Administrator prior to installing this new version.
  • System Administrator version 2.21 provides the IntraMail Backup/Restore/Import utility. Please note that this utility does not erase incoming and outgoing messages currently stored on an IntraMail CompactFlash card.
  • This version of the System Administrator is backward compatible with all prior versions of System Administrator data files and installed System Software.
  • The System Administrator is not compatible with 64-bit editions of Windows.
Download the System Administrator Software

System Administrator 2.21
Download System Administrator version 2.21.

Download 2.21

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