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  Updating DSX IP Keyset Firmware
IP Firmware Installation Notes

DSX IP Keyset Firmware is required along with DSX System Software Version 3.2 for the NAT Traversal with Any Router feature. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when updating to this firmware.

  1. If you are updating from a firmware version prior to, you must change the IP Address in 3: Maintenance -> 1: Download Menu -> 2: Download Address
    from to
  2. Once you have updated the Download Address, load the new firmware normally. For additional information on updating the DSX IP Keyset firmware, click here.
  3. When the IP Keyset has been successfully updated to, go to
    3: Maintenance -> 3: Data Clear -> 1: Factory Settings
    and reset the keyset to its factory defaults. This is important for two reasons:
    • It sets the url as the new default Download Address.
    • It sets the new option
      2: SIP Settings -> 5: NAT Traversal -> 1: NAT Traversal Mode
      to Auto. This is the default setting and it is required for NAT Traversal with ANY Router to work.
  4. After updating the firmware and resetting to factory defaults, you only need to change the following options from default as required:
    • 2: SIP Settings -> 1: SIP User -> 1: User ID, 2: Password, 3: Extension Number
    • 2: SIP Settings -> 2: SIP Server -> 1: Server Address
    • Also, if you set 1: Network Settings -> DHCP Mode to disabled you'll need to enter data for 1: Network Settings -> 2: IP Address, 3: Default Gateway -> 4: Subnet Mask

Remember, on the phone system router, you must forward UDP ports 5060 (SIP) and 1024-1215 (RTP) to the DSX system IP address.

Hosting the IP Keyset Firmware
If you have your own FTP or TFTP server and the IT expertise to support it, you can click the arrow at right to download the firmware file and host it on your own server. Download IP Keyset Firmware

You will have to modify the following for compatibility with your server:

  • 3: Maintenance
    • 1: Download Menu
      • 2: Download Address
      • 3: Protocol
      • 4: FTP Settings
        • 1: User ID
        • 2: Password
        • 3: Folder

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