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  Overview of the DSX Version 2 Enhancements
Version 2
What's New in Version 2
  • Email Integration
    Receive an email notification when a new message is left in your mailbox.
  • Built-In Modem
    Remotely program a system using the DSX built-in modem, the System Administrator, and the modem in your PC.
  • Park and Page
    When an outside call can’t go through, Park and Page automatically parks the call and pages the extension user.
  • Distribution List
    Send a message to a single Distribution Mailbox and have IntraMail automatically distribute it to multiple co-workers.
  • Room Monitor
    Room Monitor lets you monitor the sounds at another extension.
  • Broadcast Message
    A unique message, recorded by the System Administrator, that is automatically sent as a new message to all subscribers.

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