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  DSX System Administrator Release Notes (Version 1)
System Administrator Version 01.00.01

DSX System Administrator 01.00.01 provides the following.

  1. In addition to providing some new features, DSX System Administrator version 01.00.01 is a major maintenance release and is recommended for all technicians currently using prior versions.
  2. System Administrator version 01.00.01 is fully compatible with DSX-40.
  3. When the DSX System Administrator initially connects to the system, within a few seconds it downloads only the minimum data necessary to run the session (such as system numbering and card data).
    • If you choose to begin programming, Admin will retrieve additional system data only as it is needed. This makes the process of connecting to the system and making immediate programming changes quick and easy.
    • When your modifications are complete, you can optionally choose to download the entire remote system database and save it to a file on your PC hard disk.
  4. The Update Utility requires System Software 01.01.27 or higher.
Setting Up the System Update Utility

To set up the System Update Utility:

  1. Install the latest version of the DSX System Administrator.
    • To review the on-line System Administrator User Guide, click here.
  2. Download the latest DSX System Software file.
    • To get the latest System software, go to the DSX Download Center and click System Software.
    • To learn how to update the DSX System Software, click here.
    • Download the file to a convenient folder on the PC hard disk.
    • Do not unzip the software file.
  3. Connect your PC to the telephone system (USB only).
    • To learn how to connect your PC to the telephone system, click here.
  4. Start the DSX System Administrator normally.
Using the System Update Utility
  1. Start the System Administrator (USB connection only).
  2. Click Utilities: System Update.
    • You see System Update window.
  3. In Specify DSX Software File, click the browse button and load System Software zip file you previously downloaded.
  4. Click Start.
    • If the admin program is not already connected, you will be prompted for your password.
  5. After you click Start, the three phases of the update process automatically execute.
    • Phase 1: System Reset
      The DSX resets and restarts in the update mode. The system is inoperable while in the update mode.
    • Phase 2: File Transfer (Upload)
      The System Update Utility transfers (uploads) the zip file from your PC to the system.
    • Phase 3: System Update
      The system updates its software. After the update completes, the system resets and operates normally with the new software version.
  6. After the system software update completes (about 8 minutes), the T1/PRI PCB may automatically load updated firmware (which takes an additional 6 minutes). The LEDs on the T1/PRI PCB alternately flash during the firmware upload.
Error Recovery

If the System Update Utility fails without completing, the Failure Message (pop-up) will identify the type of failure and the corrective action to take. The type of failures include:

  • Failed to Connect to the DSX System
  • Transfer Failure
  • Lost Connection to DSX System during Software Update

To recover from the failure:

  1. Check the USB connection between the PC and the DSX.
  2. Reset the DSX by tapping the red reset button on the DSX-80/160 CPU Card or the DSX-40 cabinet.
  3. Wait for the system to begin running or the red LED to begin flashing.
  4. Try the update again.
System Administrator Version 00.00.28

DSX System Administrator version 00.00.28 is a major maintenance release and is recommended for all technicians currently using version 00.00.22.

Note that version 00.00.28 provides simplified password entry:

  • The user can enter numeric (632379) or alpha characters (necdsx).
  • After entering the password, the user can press return (enter) on the keyboard to enter the data. It is not necessary to click OK.

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