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Tips and Questions

After I start the Office Admin and enter the DSX IP Address, I can't connect.

  • Is a co-worker already connected? Check to be sure one of your co-worker's is not already connected using the Office Administrator, System Administrator, or telephone programming. Only one connection at a time is allowed.
  • If you can browse the internet and use your email, the problem is likely with how the DSX is connected to your company LAN (network). Ask your network administrator to verify the IP address of the DSX system and how it is connected.
  • If you cannot browse the internet and use your email, you have a more fundamental problem with your PC. Contact your network administrator and solve your basic PC configuration problems. Once you can browse the internet and use email, try the Office Administrator again.

The DSX system is close to my desk. Can I use the Office Administrator over USB?

  • No - you can only connect over Ethernet using your company LAN.

Can I program off-line and then connect and upload my changes?

  • No - the Office Administrator is an on-line office administration tool. If you need more capabilities and off line programming, talk to your communications manager or dealer about the DSX System Administrator program.

My password is invalid. How do I get a new one?

  • Ask your communications manager or dealer. The default password is 9999, but most likely this was changed at your initial system installation.

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