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Mobile Apps for DSX Dealer Forum Access
What are Mobile Apps for Forum Access?

The mobile device applications on this page present the DSX Dealer Forum in a native application optimized for your mobile device. If you install one of these applications, you'll no longer have to use the browser in your mobile device to pinch and zoom through the DSX Dealer Forum pages. The forum content is automatically resized. Additionally, each of these applications provides productivity enhancements to help navigate the forum.

Forum Runner
ForumRunner For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android

The DSX Dealer Forum is integrated into the Forum Runner mobile application. To get to the DSX Dealer Forum in Forum Runner:

  • Tap Forum Browser: Business: Support, and scroll to the DSX forum.
  • Tap Search Forum and enter: dsx

Forum Runner provides screen pops (Push Notification) for private messages and for subscribed topics. You can set favorites for quick access to frequently-visited forums as well as use other popular forum features.

Forum Runner is available in a free (read-only) version and in a paid version. Review the product website for a feature comparison.

Tapatalk For iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, WebOS, and BlackBerry

The DSX Dealer Forum is also integrated with the Tapatalk mobile application. To get to the DSX Dealer Forum using Tapatalk, you can:

  • Tap Browse: Education and Profession: Business-Others and scroll to the DSX forum.
  • Tap Search and enter: dsx

Use Tapatalk to create, edit, and reply to forum topics. Tapatalk (Android only) can notify you of private messages and changes to subscribed topics. You can set up quick-access favorites, customize the Tapatalk appearance, and set how the application will behave on initial load.

Other popular forum features are available as well. Refer to the product website.

TouchBB For iPhone and iPad

TouchBB for iPhone and iPad conveniently presents the DSX Dealer Forum content and provides some popular forum features. For example, you can use TouchBB to create, reply, and edit topics.

To access the DSX Dealer Forum from TouchBB:

  • Tap Accounts.
  • Enter the forum url (below) along with your username and password.


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