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  DSX Version 3 Licensing
    Entering Your New License

Once you receive your new license code, you must enter it into the system to activate the new feature. You can enter a new license code only from the System Administrator. You cannot enter a new license code from telephone programming.

To enter a new license into the system:

  1. Start the DSX Version 3 System Administrator and connect to the system.
  2. Click Tools: License. You see:Licensing
  3. Click Upgrade. You see:
  4. Enter (or paste) your new license code into the box provided and click Apply. You see:License
    • Invalid licenses are not accepted.
  5. Click OK. You see:
  6. Click Yes to reset the system and implement the new license.
    Click No and return to your System Administrator session.
    • The license will take affect the next time the system is reset.

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