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  DSX-80/160 Common Equipment
About the Common Equipment

The following links take you to the DSX Common Equipment Product Description and Images (cabinets and PCBs). Each image is provided in two resolutions:

  • High Resolution TIFF for print publishing.
  • Low Resolution JPEG for newsletters and web sites.

To download an image:

  • Click the Hi-rez or Low-rez link. The selected image opens in a new browser window.
  • Right-click the image in the browser window to download it to your hard disk.
Common Equipment Product Description Images
- DSX-40 4x8x2 KSU
- DSX-80 4-Slot KSU
- DSX-160 8-Slot KSU
- Power Supply
- CPU Card
- 16 Port Digital Station (16ESIU) Card
- 16 and 8 Port Analog Station (SLIU) Card with HV Message Waiting
- T1/PRI Line Card
- 16 and 8 Port CO Line (COIU) Card with Caller ID
- DSX IntraMail and IntraMail Pro

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