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  DSX-80/160 16 Port Digital Station (16ESIU) Card
Part Number: 1091004

Each 16ESIU Card connects 16 digital extensions (i.e., DSX keysets). The 16ESIU has a Mode Switch (for taking the card out of service). It also has a status LED that indicates proper card operation — as well as a port activity LED that flashes faster as traffic on the card increases. You can install up to two 16ESIU Cards in a DSX-80. You can install up to six 16ESIU Cards in a DSX-160.

Tips to remember:

  • In DSX-160, you must install a separate power supply for every two 16ESIU Cards installed.
  • In both DSX-80 and DSX-160, you must install a 16ESIU Card in slot 1.
  • You can install additional 16ESIU Cards in any slot.

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