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  Updating the DSX System Software with a CompactFlash Card
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You can update your DSX system with the press of a single button if you have the following:

  • A CompactFlash Card with 32 MByte minimum free space.
  • A CompactFlash Card reader on your PC.
  • The "zipped" system software file from and Winzip or similar "unzipping" software installed on your PC.

To load the system software onto the CompactFlash card:

  1. Connect the CompactFlash Card Reader to an available USB port on your PC and plug the CompactFlash card into the reader.
  2. Download the system software zip file from to your desktop.
    • If you are familiar with WinZip, you can extract the file directly to the CompactFlash card and skip steps 3 and 4.
  3. Double-click the file you downloaded in step 1 to have WinZip extract it.
    • WinZip will extract the files to a folder on your desktop
  4. Copy all the unzipped files (not the folder) to the root directory of the CompactFlash Card (see the sample at right). Currently, there are 4 files.


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To upgrade system software from a CompactFlash card:

  1. (Optional) Back up the site programming.
  2. Power down the system and remove the IntraMail CompactFlash card (if installed).
  3. Power up the system and wait for it to restart.
  4. Insert the CompactFlash card containing the system software into the CPU.CompactFlash
  5. Press and hold the Reset Switch on the CPU.
  6. When all the LEDs on the CPU light and then go out (about 3 seconds), release the Reset Switch.
    • The new system software begins automatically loading.
    • On DSX-80/160:
      • The bottom two CPU LEDs start to flash.
      • After the system software update completes (about 8 minutes), the T1/PRI PCB may automatically load updated firmware (which takes an additional 6 minutes). The LEDs on the T1/PRI PCB alternately flash during the firmware upload.
    • On DSX-40:
      • The LED on the cabinet alternates from flashing green to solid blue as the software loads.
    • The system restarts after the load completes with all the initial site programming intact.
  7. Once the system restarts:
    • Power down the system and remove the software upgrade CompactFlash card.
    • Insert the IntraMail CompactFlash card and power up the system.
  8. If loading Version 3 software into a brand new system, always initialize after the update to insure the new system starts up with the Version 3 numbering plan.
  9. If loading Version 3 software into an existing Version 2 system, do not initialize after the update. If you do, you will lose the existing programming and numbering plan.

See Important Notes When Installing Version 3 for more.


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