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  Change the Ringing on Your Telephone
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You can set which calls ring your telephone as well as how the ringing sounds for each call.

  • Distinctive Ringing changes the ringing sound for your incoming calls (see below).
  • User Programmable Features let you turn ringing on and off.

To use Distinctive Ringing to change the sound of your incoming calls:

  1. Push Menu + More + Ring + Key.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • For line keys, push Line.
    • For Call Coverage keys, push Cck.
    • For Group Call Pickup keys, push Pkup.
  3. Select the feature key whose ringing you want to change.
  4. Dial one of the following to select the ring sound:
    • For two mid-pitch rings (type A), dial 1.
    • For two high-pitch rings (type B), dial 2.
    • For two very high-pitch rings (type C), dial 3.
  5. Press SPEAKER to exit.

See Distinctive Ringing in the DSX Software Manual for more.


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