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  Connecting SMDR
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Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) provides a record of the system’s outside calls. Typically, the record outputs to a customer-provided printer or PC.

  • The default DSX serial port baud rate is 38,400. The data format is fixed at 8 data bits, no parity, with one stop bit (8N1).
  • To connect to the DSX serial port:
    - Use adaptor P/N 1091014 to connect to the 9-pin printer serial port
    - Run a standard 6-conductor line cord from the adaptor DSX serial port.
    - Note that SMDR does not buffer records when the printer is disconnected.

SMDR Connections

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- Do not connect the System Administrator PC to the DSX Serial Port. -


  1. In 1541-01: SMDR Port, enter 1 to enable SMDR output.
  2. In 1101-01: Baud Rate, change the DSX serial port baud rate to match the connected printer (if required).
    1 for 2400, 2 for 9600, 3 for 19,200, 4 for 38,400, 5 for 57,600.
  3. In 1541-02: Print SMDR Headers, enter Yes if the SMDR report should include a header for each new day. Enter No if not.
  4. In 3111-06: Station Message Detail Recording, enter Yes if calls on the line should be included in the SMDR report. Enter No if not.
  5. In 1541-03: SMDR Language, enter 1 if the SMDR report header and fields should be in English, or enter 2 for Spanish.

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