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These Frequently Asked Questions provide quick answers to the questions you ask the most. The more you ask us, the more information we'll have to share in these online posts.

Can I upgrade from DS2000 to DSX-80/160?
  • Yes you can, but there are certain restrictions. Read more before upgrading.
How do I turn on Caller ID?
  • For "normal" loop start lines, In 3121-01: Caller ID Type, enter 1. Read the Caller ID feature in the DSX Software Manual for more.
I can see unanswered calls in my Caller ID log, but why can't I call them back?
How do I back up the site programming (database)?
  • You can backup your site database to a CompactFlash Card. Read more to learn how.
What do I need to update my system software?
  • You need a CompactFlash Card and the software update file. Read more to learn how.
How do I change my telephone's ringing?
  • You can control which calls ring your phone as well as the sound of your ringing. Read more.





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