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These Frequently Asked Questions provide quick answers to the questions you ask the most. The more you ask us, the more information we'll have to share in these online posts.

What are some of the advanced features of the IntraMail?
  • Conversation Record
    Into predetermined mailbox.
  • Message on Hold
    Record your own on hold company message.
  • Directory Dialing
    Dial a name instead of a number to reach your party.
  • Caller ID
    CID information is verbally provided with a voice mail message.
  • Message Notification
    You can receive a call when new messages arrive.
  • Call Screening
    Listen as live callers leave messages and pick up only the calls you want to answer.
  • Message Center Key
    Notify groups of extensions that important voice messages are waiting for responses. Visual indication will alert everyone in the group of a new message, the first one to retrieve the new message will automatically extinguish the message center key.
  • Multiple Company Greeting
    Up to 8 unique company greetings can be recorded.
  • Personal Greeting
    Up to 3 personal greetings can be recorded per mailbox.
Do I need IntraMail to have the system automatically answer outside calls and play a greeting to the caller?

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