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These Frequently Asked Questions provide quick answers to the questions you ask the most. The more you ask us, the more information we'll have to share in these online posts.

How is DSX programmed?
  • There are two ways to program: by telephone or PC. PC programming is via built-in USB and/or Ethernet ports and can be accessed locally or remote over IP.
Do any of the DS components operate on the DSX?
  • Yes, many of the current DS components can be used on the DSX.
Can I reuse my existing DS Telephones on the DSX?
  • Yes, the DS station card is required to support DS key telephones.
Does DSX support the same features of the DS?
  • Yes, software feature content at launch will be nearly identical.
Is there a DSX cordless telephone?
  • Yes, there is an integrated cordless phone that connects directly to a digital station port.
    This phone has an LCD that will show CID and has 4 function keys (with LEDs) that can be programmed the same as the function keys on the DSX key telephones, i.e. line, DSS/BLF, park orbit, record, etc.
Must I be certified to install the DSX?
  • No, certification is not mandatory but it is recommended. Certification is required for the Channel Reseller to qualify for rebate.
How can I become certified?
  • Easy. Visit, for the self paced on-line narrated certification course.
    The first module should take approximately 90 minutes and will provide the information and test necessary for certification. For the initial launch there is no cost associated with basic certification.
Does DSX support VoIP?
  • DSX architecture supports VoIP. VoIP applications will be added in the future, based upon market need and affordability of technology.

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