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These Frequently Asked Questions provide quick answers to the questions you ask the most. The more you ask us, the more information we'll have to share in these online posts.

What can I connect to the DSX Serial Port?
  • The DSX Serial (RS-232-C) port is only for printing Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) reports. See Connecting to the Serial Port for more.
  • Do not connect the System Administrator PC to the DSX Serial Port.
Does the DSX-80/160 have to be grounded?
  • For proper operation of your system and to meet regulatory and safety requirements, you must ground your system to a known earth ground. See Grounding the DSX-80/160 for more.
How do I install and program DSS Consoles?
Is the DSX a new system?
  • The DSX is a new system. However, it is also a continuation of the successful DS product line, and uses many of the same feature operations and hardware components of the previous DS Series. Much of what you know and like about the DS will provide you a head start with the DSX.
What’s new about the DSX?
  • It’s larger - up to 160 ports (compared to 112 in the DS2000). Telephones are available with backlit display and illuminated dial pad, and all phones are equipped with a large display, a full hands-free speakerphone and built-in wall mount/adjustable desk stand. In addition, all Key Telephones have a modular headset jack, eliminating the need for a separate adapter.

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