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What is the DSX Fast Facts RSS News Feed?

The DSX Fast Facts RSS News Feed is a feature of that "publishes" late breaking news on DSX. When you "subscribe" to the DSX Fast Facts feed, you receive the latest DSX news automatically.

Most email client programs let you subscribe to RSS news feeds. Refer to the help provided with your email client program for more. If your email client does not provide this capability, the instructions below show you how to access RSS feeds using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

The link for the DSX Fast Facts news feed is:

Subscribing to an RSS Feed in Internet Explorer 7

To subscribe to an RSS News Feed in Internet Explorer 7:

  1. Paste the RSS feed into the Internet Explorer Address window.
  2. When you see:
    Click Subscribe to this feed.
  3. When you see:
    Click Subscribe. If you've done everything right, you see:

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