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Ask DSX Support

If you are an end user, prospective customer, or dealer with non-technical questions, email DSX Sales Support.

For DSX technicians only, email DSX Technical Support your technical questions and they'll provide you a timely and well informed response.

Do you want to become a DSX Reseller? Click here for more information.

Upgrading from DS2000
If you currently have a DS2000, you can upgrade to DSX-80/160 and keep a substantial amount of your investment is DS equipment intact. Be sure to read Upgrading from DS2000 to DSX-80/160 before you upgrade.
Ask Another Dealer
Our DSX dealer community is welcome to try our "open" Dealer-to-Dealer Forums and share ideas and experiences with your peers. To use the forums, you must complete a simple, unobtrusive, one-time registration form. (Other than to email you product information, we do not use the information you submit for any reason.)
Frequently Asked Questions
Visit Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers to the questions asked the most. The more you ask, the more information we'll have to share in these online posts.

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