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Feature-Rich Call Accounting and Telemanagement Software to Monitor and Analyze Your Phone Activity  

CallAnalystScalable Report Generation

No matter the size of your organization, CallAnalyst quickly generates detailed or summary reports that measure productivity, manage local and long distance usage, and monitor phone abuse.

For the growing organization, CallAnalyst brings enterprise-level functionality and scalability.

For large, high-call-volume or multi-site organizations, CallAnalyst Enterprise Server supports real-time consolidation and reporting of call accounting data.

Billing ReportEssential Features Help You Monitor and Analyze System Usage

Detect fraudulent phone activity.
Call Analyst tracks questionable inbound and outbound calls, helping you quickly detect problems and avert risks.

Facilitate timely client billing and cost recovery.
Flexible billing reports automatically calculate usage and cost by client, tenant or partner.

Schedule Reports
Email reports automatically based on preset criteria, allowing managers to respond immediately to call
volume changes.

Measure Campaign Responses and Effectiveness
Know where your prospects are calling from and which campaign they are responding to.

Analyze Traffic
Capacity planning tools help you identify peak calling times and optimum capacity requirements. What-if analysis allows you to balance infrastructure needs and take proactive measures to ensure uninterrupted and efficient phone service.

Additional CallAnalyst Features

Additional features include:

  • Flexible call costing & time-billing
  • Traffic analysis & capacity planning
  • Multi-site capability providing consolidated reporting
  • Interface with phone systems over serial port or TCP/IP (LAN/WAN)
  • Export reports to multiple formats like Excel, Word, PDF, HTML (to view using Web browser on the internet from Web folders)
  • Call costing and user-programmable rate plans and rate tables
  • Automatic scheduling of reports and data archival
  • Real-time monitoring of Inbound and Outbound calls
  • Alerts on defined trigger patterns for calls like 911, 411 and other sensitive numbers
  • Time billing reports based on hourly consulting rates
  • Completes the feedback loop on agent productivity and phone presence, telemarketing efforts and service levels
  • Understand call distribution (IN/OUT) for agents during various times in the day and days of the week by category
  • Wildcard searches
  • Import contact information from ASCII files generated by Outlook etc.
  • Network-based remote and consolidated multi-site reporting capability

Call Analyst is available in three models: CallAnalyst Lite, CallAnalyst Full, and CallAnalyst Enterprise Server. Not all features are available in all systems. See the product brochure for more.


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